About Us


Cigarbox helps million- and billion-dollar organizations optimize for social and environmental impact as well as financial results.

Using industry-specific best practices, proprietary investment models and decision-making dashboards, Cigarbox can guide your dollars to the projects and initiatives that most contribute to organization-wide impacts with minimal risk and maximal impact.


Irreverent name, serious business

In the 17th century, Dutch traders, merchants, and bankers ran much of the world’s business. Regularly, their business was done on the fly – writing deals, plans, and agreements on whatever was handy – which was, in the case of these rich men, a cigar box with just a bit of space to jot an idea or two. In Dutch, “on the back of the cigar box” (op de achterkant van een cigarendoos), is a colloquialism to convey a big idea conveyed efficiently – a solution’s essence.

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