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We use all available and relevant public data, your data and Cigarbox benchmark and best practices information to form our analyses. Cigarbox works with experts from different sectors and consults with academic partners to guarantee a high-quality standard.

Cigarbox helps clients by providing insight into the social and financial returns of investments. The relevant questions we start with are:

  • What are the social impacts of my investments?

  • How can I optimize my social impacts?

  • How can I legitimize my social investments?


Data driven, scientifically proven and practical


Determine expected impact

With our models you can determine the expected impacts of your investments, gain insight into success and fail factors and enable you to maximize your impacts. 

Social business case

Under what conditions is your social investment financially viable? What are the expected social impact of your investment? How can we optimize the financial and social returns?

Programme & portfolio assessment

What are the actual impacts of your investments? Based upon objective data analysis, the financial and social return of your projects and programmes become transparent. 

Improving our impact dashboards

Cigarbox uses the results of impact analyses to improve the quality of the impact dashboards. 




Midlands Arts Lab

The Midlands Arts Lab (MAL) is a network that seeks to explore new ways to research, produce and practice within the arts and cultural sector. The Lab’s initial aim will be to facilitate a participatory research model to produce evidence of the wider impact of cultural activity and to better understand the ways communities can organise, take ownership and use their own assets to create cultural events.

In cooperation with CAL-XL, Cigarbox conducted an analysis of the Appetite programme in Stoke on Trent and the First Art programme in Mansfield to determine its realized social impact.

Erasmus University

Erasmus Impact Ambitions. Erasmus University Rotterdam has taken on making meaningful impact on real-world problems as one of its key goals. In order to do this, Erasmus has partnered with Cigarbox to develop a series of workshops, conferences, and impact-labs that are being used to design impact-oriented methods of teaching, learning, research and methods of implementing their work in real-world applications.

Arts and Sciences conference (RASL). Cigarbox is working with the new programme of Erasmus University, the Rotterdam Arts and Sciences Lab (RASL), to develop an impactful programme. Through conferences and impact teams, RASL is developing a programme that combines arts and sciences to develop interdisciplinary solutions to 21st century problems.



The municipality of Almere has areas with a concentration of problems related to safety, poverty, social cohesion and the local economy. The Municipal Commission has formulated sharp objectives for these areas. Dozens of projects and programmes have been formulated to tackle the problem.

Cigarbox has set up a programme structure for Almere in which the ambitions of the commission, programme goals, implementation programmes and monitoring come together, and a learning system is created.

The analysis has been translated into a working method that enables Almere to steer towards its social objectives, to monitor these and to be able to report on social impact.



Lezen & Schrijven

The Lezen & Schrijven fund wants to make the elections accessible to VMBO students, their parents and low-literate students. For this purpose, Reading and Writing publishes an election paper in plain language and organizes lessons and debates at schools.

Cigarbox offers insight into the impact of these activities, the success and failure factors and formulates a strategy to maximize the desired impact.


ABN AMRO finances business and transactions in the energy, transport and commodity sectors. Sustainability is an important part of its risk processes, where, for example, checking whether their customers meet the various international treaties relating to sustainability.

In addition to the sustainability risks, the bank also reports on sustainability performance. Cigarbox helps the bank to establish insight into the sustainability performance of the bank and its customers.



Groningen’s “Aardbevingsbestendig en Kansrijk Groningen 2017-2021” programme aims to inspect and reinforce more than 22,000 buildings over the next five years, and in the process, help regenerate the city.

Cigarbox offers an oversight of the programme feasibility, and provides reports on the progress and impact of the programme. 

The Hague

The municipality of The Hague has the ambition to be climate neutral by 2040. Forty percent of the CO2 reduction required for this must come from the 250,000 existing buildings. Connecting 100,000 homes to sustainable heating networks can make a major contribution to realizing the sustainability goals. The development of a heating network for existing homes on such a scale has not previously been shown in the Netherlands.

In order to get a grip on the dynamics and the financial risks of the assignment, Cigarbox has drawn up a financial analysis and financial regime that provides insight into the (financial) conditions and requirements (the financial regime) that are set for the coming 15 years in The Hague. 100,000 homes to be connected to sustainable heating networks, on top of Eneco's nearly 17,000 existing connections.

In addition, the analysis provides insight into the expected social, economic and climate effects of the development and operation of a heating network.



Kunstbedrijf Arnhem

The Kunstbedrijf Arnhem initiates, supports or supervises almost 100 art and culture projects a year in Arnhem.

The cultural sector is under pressure and the Kunstbedrijf wants to know the impact of art and culture in general and of its activities in particular.

In collaboration with CAL-XL and ABF Cultuur Cigarbox created an analysis of all cultural activities in the various neighborhoods in the past five years and the impact of this. Kunstbedrijf Arnhem uses this analysis to draw up its strategy for the coming years, to bind partners and to prioritize and prioritize themes. In order to increase the effects of art in the neighborhoods, Kunstbedrijf works with the Arts Impact Manager.