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Impact management

With Cigarbox’s customizable online dashboard, all the information necessary to make investment decisions with confidence is at your disposal. Project and program data can be easily added, edited, analysed, and compared via our online tool. The dashboard provides an efficient way to process and analyze data from both qualitative and quantitative sources, benchmark projects and programs, and create reports.

Powered by Analysis

Each Cigarbox impact dashboard is set-up to work specifically for the client's ambitions. Working with our client we ensure that the client is ready with the decision-making infrastructure to be successful: taxonomy, framework, and objectives. 

Manage your impact

Cigarbox dashboards match ambitions, investments, monitoring and expectations. Prioritize and legitimize your investments and manage your impact. 

Transparency to stakeholders

Share your results at project or programme level with partners and stakeholders easily in clean reports or access to elements of your dashboard.

From Excel to big data

Cigarbox draws on public data, data already existing within your organization, and low-bar input from programme and project stakeholders. 

One on one connection with your organisation

Cigarbox Impact Dashboards work with your data, workflow and organisational structure; minimal system fatigue or integration. 

On-demand portfolio management

Manage impact from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with up to date information to support your decision making and programme management.


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Impact Dashboard

Local governments and NGO’s aiming to optimize investment for social and environmental impact as well as financial results benefit from our Impact Dashboards. We supply programme and portfolio managers with the framework and tools to make investment choices with logic, transparency, and consistency. 

The Impact Dashboard helps predict, monitor, evaluate, benchmark and analyse social impact of your activities. Using industry-specific best practices, science-based methodologies and indicators, proprietary investment models and decision-making dashboards, Cigarbox helps programme managers identify and manage the projects and initiatives that will create the target impact with minimal risk.

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Local Government Intervention Dashboard

Cigarbox Intervention Dashboards allow local governments to track and compare their social programmes. Each dashboard is tailored towards the specific goals of the client and offers up-to-date information about the impact of your programmes.

The intervention dashboard allows governments to monitor and evaluate the impact that each project and programme has on the different neighbourhoods in their districts. Each dashboard includes information on the most relevant indicators in the neighbourhoods (such as health, social cohesion, or physical liveability) and assesses how these indicators improve with the programmes implemented by the government.

Impact Dashboards for NGO's

NGO’s have specific philanthropic aims which they wish to support. These may be in any number of fields, including poverty-reduction, community building, education, or health.

Cigarbox works to develop impact dashboards that target their specific and sometimes varied goals. Through the dashboards, NGO’s have the ability to keep track of programmes across different areas, compare projects, and develop meaningful insights into their impact.

Cigarbox is preferred supplier for members of Goede Doelen Nederland.



Exhibition and Event Dashboards

Funds that support important cultural and social events need to know the impact of the projects they support. For Blockbuster Fund, this means understanding the impact of blockbuster events supports cultural events such as the “Frans Hals and the Moderns” exhibition at the Frans Hals Museum, the “Nineveh” exhibition in the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden and the touring performances of “Fiddler on the Roof”. 

Such extensive exhibitions and performances have an economic impact in the region and attract target groups that are often difficult to reach.

Cigarbox structurally maps this impact using the impact dashboard, providing Blockbuster Fund with insight into the impact of their programmes, reports on their project and analyses of success factors.

Arts Impact Manager for community arts

The Arts Impact Manager (AIM) is an online cultural programme manager which helps measure, analyse and monitor social impacts of cultural activities within neighbourhoods. The online tool provides insight into the contribution of art and cultural projects to the personal development, social cohesion, public perception and physical quality of life in the targeted neighbourhoods. Aim clients benefit from:

  • Benchmark data different practices

  • Joint development effort

  • Scientific support


  • Insight into the social impact of cultural investments

  • Optimizing, steering and monitoring of projects and programmes with AIM

  • Clear reporting to stakeholders



Festival Dashboards

Organizations such as the VSB Fund, Fonds 21, and the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) want to better map the expected and realized impact of their cultural festival projects.

Which applications contribute most to their objectives? How big is the experience and cultural participation at the festivals and other events they support?

Our Impact Dashboard help to provide insight, prioritization and accountability of culture donations and investments, in order to increase their impact. With Cigarbox, the impact of their programmes is transparent and can be easily reported to stakeholders.

Sustainability Dashboards

The municipality of The Hague has an ambitious sustainability program for the coming years. The program includes many projects, measures, subsidies and other policy instruments all with the aim of achieving climate neutrality for the municipality in 2040. 

Cigarbox provides insight into what all these measures contribute to its sustainability goals, what the costs are, how the municipality can best steer towards its sustainability goals and how the municipality can report on this.



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Metropolitan Investments Dashboards

Connecting 100,000 homes to a renewable heating network can make a major contribution to achieving sustainability goals. Implementing a new transit system between metropolitan areas could reduce CO2 emissions and increase exchange between cities. City governments have big ambitions for which they need to be able to predict the success and impact.

For Metropoly, a serious game designed for cities to plan out their future projects, Cigarbox created a dashboard which allows cities to examine the dynamics and financial risks of projects and analyze the expected economic and social impacts of their future programmes.