We help governments,

NGO's, foundations and businesses maximize their impact


Municipal and Regional


Cigarbox helps municipalities and regional governments prioritize activities and realize social ambitions with research and impact dashboards.

Arts & Culture Institutions and Foundations

Cigarbox helps provide insight into the social impact of activities that arts organizations undertake or support.  


Foundations and NGO's

Cigarbox helps civil society organizations and funds to realize these social ambitions by providing insight into, predicting, analyzing and reporting on the social impact of their activities  


Institutions and Businesses

Cigarbox helps financial institutions and companies to find the right social impact indicators to monitor and provide insight into the social impact of the activities.  

Impact Dashboards

With the help of our web-based impact dashboards you have information on the impact of your investments at your fingertips at any time.

Impact Analysis

Drawing on industry expertize and best practices, we provide consulting and analysis services to help identify success and failure factors in your impact investment program.

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