Who We Are

Cigarbox helps public organizations, foundations, and other social investors with monitoring, analyzing and optimizing their social impact. Using industry-specific best practices, proprietary investment models, all relevant available data resources and decision-making dashboards, we guide you to the projects and initiatives that most contribute to your organizations' impact goals with minimal risk.

Our Vision

Our focus is on strengthening our clients programs, providing more control over the success factors, and simplifying the process from the planning to evaluation and reporting stages.


Irreverent name, serious business- In the 17th century, Dutch traders, merchants, and bankers ran much of the world’s business. Their business was often done on the fly – writing deals and plans on whatever was handy – which, for these rich men, was often a cigar box. In Dutch, “on the back of the cigar box” (op de achterkant van een cigarendoos), is a colloquialism to mean a big idea conveyed efficiently – a solution’s essence.