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Data driven, scientifically proven- and practical

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Get insight into the social and financial returns of your Projects

Cigarbox helps clients by providing insight into the social and financial returns of investments. Impact analyses can help support an investment decision in advance as well as show the impact afterwards. We use all available and relevant public data, data provided by clients, and Cigarbox benchmarks and best practices information to form our analyses. Cigarbox works with experts from different sectors and consults with academic partners to guarantee a high-quality standard. The relevant questions we start with are:

  • What are the social impacts of my investments?

  • How can I optimize my social impacts?

  • How can I legitimize my social investments?

Logic Framework - Theory of Change

The logic framework, also known as the theory of change or change strategy, forms the starting point for the impact analyses that Cigarbox performs.

In the logic framework we investigate the relationships between your impact ambitions, the output of activities that you undertake or support, the characteristics of these activities and the costs. A clear logic framework is crucial for the quality and relevance of impact analysis.

Based on the ambitions of your organization, literature research, available data sources, a limited number of work sessions and our experience, we set up a customized logic framework.

A well-designed logic framework can also be used in the future to investigate the impact of activities.





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Determine expected and realized impact

With our models you can determine the expected impact of your investments, identify the success and fail factors and gain insight into how to maximize your investments.

Program and portfolio assessment

What are the actual impacts of your investments? Based on our objective data analysis, the financial and social returns of your projects and programs becomes transparent.

Social Business

Case Creations

Get answers to the key questions that stakeholders have about your investment programs. Under what conditions are your social investments financially viable? What are the expected social impacts of your investment? How can we optimize the financial and social returns?

Impact Anlyses

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