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Cigarbox supports organizations in taking control of the social impact of their activities in many areas: art and culture, sports and exercise, well-being and preventive health, urban marketing, vitality and agility of organizations and region-focused work.



Arts and Culture

Art and culture has a powerful social impact. Festivals, events, exhibitions, art projects in neighborhoods contribute to the attractiveness of a city, diversity & inclusiveness, social cohesion, the personal development of participants or have a positive contribution to social participation.


Sports and Physical Activity

Exercise is good for (mental and physical) health. It activates people and brings people together. Sports inspires people and sports events have an impact on the city. The national government, provinces, municipalities, health institutions, sports associations, companies and funds try in many ways to get different groups of people to exercise; via local (sports) agreements, sports stimulation programs, support for sports clubs and financial contributions to the less well-off, information and preventive health measures.


City Marketing & Development

Campaigns, international conferences such as the World Energy Congress, major sports events such as the start of the Tour de France or cultural programs like the European Capital of Culture or contribute to the image and development of the city. Appealing events attract people and companies and ensure greater brand awareness.


Organizational Vitality and Agility

Governments often have a multitude of change processes, retrainings or reorganisations in progress that ensure that the organization and its employees become more agile and vital. By doing so, residents and stakeholders are better served, tasks are performed better and employees can develop better.


Well-Being and Preventive Health

Welfare institutions, educational institutions, NGOs or other social organizations and funds undertake or support activities with a social impact. This can be about increasing the participation of people with low literacy in society, reducing loneliness or combating poverty.


Region and Neighborhood Focused Impact Work

Municipalities and governments are increasingly working in an integrated, task and area-oriented manner. For example, a municipality wants to increase social participation, quality of life and health in specific neighborhoods, while governments want to tackle poverty or reduce loneliness.


Energy Transition, Sustainability and Circularity

Governments, companies and social development organizations face a major transition task in the coming years in terms of energy, sustainability and circularity. This transition has an effect on decision-making, enhanced management information and monitoring.

Impact Dashboards

With the help of our web-based impact dashboards you have information on the impact of your investments at your fingertips at any time.

Impact Analysis

Drawing on industry expertize and best practices, we provide consulting and analysis services to help identify success and failure factors in your impact investment program.

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