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Geographic-area-focused work

Municipalities and other governments are increasingly working in an integrated, task and area-oriented manner. For example, a municipality wants to increase social participation, quality of life and health in specific neighborhoods, while governments want to tackle poverty or reduce loneliness.


The wide variety of social ambitions and limited resources require a targeted, efficient approach. Cigarbox helps municipalities and other governments to realize these social tasks and ambitions. By researching and using our impact dashboard, we help municipalities to prioritize activities and choose effective interventions. In addition, it is possible to visualize the social impact at district and neighborhood level, per activity, target group or project / program.


Cigarbox works for various programs at various municipalities and governments, such as the municipality of Oosterhout, Almere, Metropolitan regions, The Hague, Venlo, Helmond and Leeuwarden.

Geographic-area-focused clients

Other Markets


Sports and physical activity


City marketing and development


Energy, sustainability and circularity


Vitality and agility of organizations


Well-being and preventive health


Arts and


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