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Arts and culture

The social impact of art and culture is vast. Festivals, events, exhibitions,  and community arts all contribute to the personal development of visitors and participants, the attractiveness of the city, social cohesion, the economy and social participation.


For art and cultural funds and institutions it is important to show the social impact in order to attract partners and funding and to provide accountability to third parties. Cigarbox helps provide insight into the social impact of activities that arts organizations undertake or support.


Cigarbox conducts research into the social impact of many leading art institutions and funds, such as the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, IFFR, Rijksmuseum, Kunstmuseum, Kunsthal, various national theaters, VSBfonds, Kunstloc, Keunstwurk and Blockbusterfonds.

Arts & Culture Projects

Other Markets


Sports and physical activity


City marketing and development


Energy, sustainability and circularity


Vitality and agility of organizations


Well-being and preventive health


Geographically-focused impact

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