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Increase the social impact of your program with the same means; improve health, reduce poverty, reduce environmental impact, increase the livability of a neighborhood. What activities do you invest in? What is their impact? Where do you invest your euro to maximize that impact?


The Cigarbox Impact Dashboard © is an online tool that gives you control over the impact of the activities you support. The customized dashboard provides insight into the status of your impact ambitions, the contribution of the various activities to these ambitions, shows trends, and benchmarks and generates impact reports.

Tailor-made dashboards based on your ambitions

Together we tailor the dashboard to your ambitions and available data sources. We use existing indicators, questionnaires and all available data sources as much as possible.

Standardization of language and indicators

Where possible, we use existing and proven indicators and methods. This guarantees the quality of the dashboard and offers possibilities to add existing benchmark data in order to place results in the right context. The terms and language used in the dashboard are aligned with your organization and field.

Based on scientific research

For every impact topic, such as social participation, perception, health or economic impact, we link up with existing scientific models for measurement, monitoring and forecasting.

Relevant neighborhood and regional data

When programs focus on specific neighborhoods or regions, we add the available and relevant neighborhood or regional data to the dashboard. For example, if you are running a health program in the city, you will see the health status of neighborhood in the city in addition to the impact of the projects on health in the various neighborhoods.

Continuous development

Managing impact is a learning process that requires continuous improvement, whether it's measuring impact, or quality of benchmark data. We always make improvements available to all users, across dashboards, so that everyone benefits.

Promote communication

Cities, governments and social institutions often work together within social programs. The impact dashboard offers a platform in which all social partners involved can monitor and compare the social impact of their activities.

Powered by Analysis

Each Cigarbox impact dashboard is set-up to work specifically for the client's ambitions. Working with our client we ensure that the client is ready with the decision-making infrastructure to be successful: taxonomy, framework, and objectives. 

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