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How We Work
What you need to know at a minimum

At Cigarbox we connect the most essential elements of your programs so that you can make informed investment decisions with a minimal use of resources. We help you ask and get answers to the right questions. What are your ambitions? What is the current impact status of your programs? What do projects contribute to your ambitions and what are the risks? What are the costs? Alternatives?



Theory of Change

Develop a logic framework that makes sense for your programs.


Indicators, Surveys & Factsheets

Establish the key factors you need to understand in order determine and improve your impact.



Track the impact of your projects and programs with the online Impact Dashboard.


Analysis & Reporting

Create analyses and reports that show your impact on a project and program level.

Why Work With Us?
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Focus on impact

We have extensive experience, methodological knowledge and tools to get the most out of your projects, programs and activities. Cigarbox:

  • Offers innovative tools and methods for the successful selection and implementation of programs and projects.

  • Works in a structured, transparent and result-oriented way

  • Provides customized solutions that meet your specific wishes, the nature of your project portfolio and the culture of your organization

  • Has a strong focus on achieving the desired effects and goals of your organization

  • Is always substantively involved

  • Has successfully completed numerous small and large assignments at various organizations in different sectors to the complete satisfaction of our clients

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Supported by instruments

We use state of the art online tools and dashboards to help you with steering your impact. All users of our dashboards benefit from regular updates and new features.

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Knowledge development and quality

Cigarbox works with experts and academics from different fields to develop knowledge and improve our dashboards. You can find an overview of our partners below.

Meet our knowledge partners

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