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Exercise is good for (mental and physical) health. It activates people and brings people together. Sports inspires people and major sports events have an impact on cities. The national government, provinces, municipalities, health institutions, sports clubs, companies and funds try in many ways to get different groups of people moving; via local (sports) agreements, sports stimulation programs, support for sports clubs and financial contributions to the less well-off, information and preventive health measures.


Which target groups are reached with this? Do we achieve the desired effect? Which activities should we prioritize? What is the social and economic impact of a top sports event on the city? Cigarbox helps program managers to gain insight into the impact of sports and exercise activities and top sports events.


Organizations such as Topsport Rotterdam, sports associations, various municipal sports companies and foundations work with the Impact Dashboard and research of Cigarbox to gain insight into the impact of their activities and to be able to steer the effectiveness of their programs, projects and policy.

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