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Cigarbox helps public organizations, foundations and businesses optimize investment for social and environmental impact as well as financial results. We provide program and portfolio managers with the framework and tools necessary to make investment choices with logic, transparency and consistency.


Cigarbox helps you:

Strengthen your programs and projects

How do we increase employment? How can we reduce loneliness? What is the impact of my arts program? How do I increase the economic impact of events? Which project contributes most to liveability in the neighborhood? What are the failure and success factors? Cigarbox helps organizations gain control over the impact of programs and projects.

Achieve clear results

Provide your stakeholders with professional reports and clear impact results. The social ambitions of your organization are central to measuring impact. We use the latest standards in  measurement methods, backed by science and clear to your key stakeholders. We use benchmarks and other data sources to put the results in perspective.

Continually improve

Measuring and increasing impact is a process of trial and error. Cigarbox preferably enters into long-term relationships with partners, whereby the grip on the impact of your activities is increased. All partners benefit from improvements in impact dashboards, new insights, measurement methods and collected benchmark data.

Impact Dashboard:

COVID-19 Crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic has had major social consequences worldwide and resulted in much uncertainty. Healthcare is buckling and the economy is faltering, the survival of many companies and institutions is at risk, the health of many vulnerable citizens is in danger. Unprecedented measures and provisions have been taken at international, national and local level to deal with the crisis.

The primary focus of governments is on crisis management in healthcare and supporting those who are confronted with income insecurity and decline. The next question is: How do we gain insight and understanding into this new situation? How can we limit the damage? Which measures should be taken and on what scale?

The crisis requires a joint approach and supported vision with residents, entrepreneurs, institutions and professionals from different areas. Swift and accurate insight is need into how to take appropriate interventions, along with insight into the expected impact and costs of these interventions.

Impact Dashboards

With the help of our web-based impact dashboards you have information on the impact of your investments at your fingertips at any time.

Impact Analysis

Drawing on industry expertize and best practices, we provide consulting and analysis services to help identify success and failure factors in your impact investment program.

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